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Opening a Thai Restaurant has been one of the longest dreams our family had been wanting. There are just mainly two cooks; "Yee" our male head chef has been cooking since he was a kid. He grew up in Surin, Thailand and as a kid he would stand in front of food stalls to see how people cook. He would then go home and try to cook for his family. Ever since, he had been cooking for many years and has been cooking amazing Thai food at home. Everyday him and his family would have delicious Thai food 3 times a day. His wife "Choy" had been working in other Thai Restaurants, she is the second main chef aside from her husband Yee. She loves cooking and been wanting to open her own Thai restaurant for so long. They both want to make delicious authentic Thai food that in our menu, we are a little different than other Thai food restaurants. Their daughter Zindy would help there sometimes as a waitress along side with her younger brother Cosii. 



So where did "Surin" came about? Surin is one of Thailand's 77 provinces that lies in lower Northeastern of Thailand also called Isan. Our family was born in a small town called Surin. Surin is more on the country side of  Thailand and it has one of the biggest events in our small hometown which is the elephant festival. Other than the background of our hometown, our last names are "Surinporn" and "Surinpornvatana", this is why we wanted to keep our home town close to home :)

Thai Food

Thai Food is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices that mainly includes salty, sweet, sour and last but not least spicy! We cook our food authentically and hand select  only the freshest local vegetables and meats and then combine those with Thai spices, seasonings, noodles, nuts, rice and other authentic Thai ingredients so this is why we value customer service and food quality above all! We want to make sure customers walk in and see our menu  with different type of food selections, enjoy eating it and leave Surin Thai fully satisfied. We look forward to seeing you in Surin Thai soon!

Zindy & Michael M.

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